Tips on How to Sell Stock Photos

Stock photography sites have made it easier for photographers to sell their photos online. However, just because you take photos does not mean a stock photo site, like Istockphoto for example, will accept them into their marketplace. To be able to sell your photos on a stock photo website, the website must believe your images can sell. Fortunately, photo blogs throughout the Internet are providing advice on how to sell your photos. Here are some helpful tips:

Narrow Your Focus: Yuri Arcurs, a well known professional stock photographer, writes a blog full of interesting facts on how to sell stock photography. In his blog post “What Should I Shoot and What Sells Well” he tells his readers to develop a niche of their own, and pursue it endlessly. I think that this works with anything that you do. I really love food photography and felt a lot better once I realized that that was where I wanted to direct my focus. And guess what? My photos got better. The better you are at your subject, the more of a competitive edge you will have within the marketplace. And remember, if you are to develop a niche, make sure you are honest with yourself. Is this something you really care about? Do you love shooting it? If you’re devoted to your subject, the more likely you are to invest the time it takes to make your photos compelling and genuine.

Add Some Edginess: Arcurs also suggests having a selection of photos in your portfolio that have an edgier feel (for the full details check out his article ‘I Spy With My Little Eye’). This edgier feel can be attained in a way that still enables you to sell your photo. Arcurs calls this adding a little ‘mess’ to your photo. In the photos displayed throughout his article, there is always a distracting element. A portrait is taken through glass, or through grass for example. By adding a little ‘mess’ to a photo you make it visually engaging and inspire curiosity in your viewers. If done right this is a recipe for increased sales.

Research the marketability of your subject: Is your subject in demand? Are there already a lot of people shooting your subject? Perform a search and see if your potential subject is something people are looking for. If you see that there is a market for your subject, but there are not that many photos of it available for purchase (such as less than 10,000 images) chances are it’s a good subject to start shooting.

Plan Your Shoots: Professional photography doesn’t just happen on it’s own. Plan your shots in advance. First scout a location or subject. Get an idea for the type of lighting you want by visiting it during different times of the day and remember to take notes. Don’t forget to bring appropriate releases for the models or property owners to sign.

Selecting Keywords: Make sure to appropriately keyword your subject so that other people can find it online. Use stock photo keyword tools to properly describe your photos. Another handy tip is to test the popularity of keywords through the Google AdWords keyword tool to determine the most effective combination that buyers might search for.

Sell your photos on multiple stock photography websites: Most stock photography sites are not exclusive, and allow you to sell the same photos on more than one site. The more exposure for your photos, the better your chances are of selling your photos and increasing your monthly revenue.

Many of these bloggers make it clear that photographers need to gear their efforts towards producing photos that will sell on these stock photo sites. Unfortunately, this does not always encourage creativity. Most stock photo sites expect certain types of photos to sell, and often reject many good photos in the process. I think things would be better for buyers and photographers alike if the stock photo site’s standards for selecting photos was less strict. As time changes, you never know what kind of images buyers will be looking for. I think it’s problematic to assume that buyers are not interested in more creative photography. Why not try putting it in the market and see if it sells? If you give buyers more choices, they may use them.

Quick Ways to Make Money – Sell Stock Photos

One of the easy and quick ways to make money online is to sell stock photos to stock photography websites. A stock photo website is a site where regular people as you and me, and companies, can browse through royalty free photos (meaning that when you purchase it, you can use it as much as you like without additional payment). When you find a photo you like and want to use one your website or in your magazine or newspaper etc., you pay for it and then download it to your computer.

There is a huge demand out there for common everyday photos. By shooting photos with your own digital camera or just start selling the photos you already have taken, you can make a pretty decent extra income.

The process of submitting a photo to a stock photography site is a fairly easy step-by step process. First you have to register as a seller on one or more of the stock photography sites. It is completely free to register. Then you upload your photo, give it a title, add a description and some keywords that are relevant to the photo. When somebody buys your photo, you will get a commission (this varies between 20%-60%).

Before you submit photos to the stock photo sites, it is smart to read through their guidelines. Here you will see what subjects that sells, what kind of quality of the photos that are required etc. All the large stock photo sites have very good and helpful guidelines and also great tips and tricks on how you can improve your photography skills.

A great place to start out to sell stock photos is They are probably the largest stock photo site online today. There are also several other really good sites that is worth checking out. Do a Google search for ‘stock photography sites’ and you will get a lot of hits to good sites.

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy From Stock Photo Agencies

Nowadays, more and more people have been buying photos for blogs, websites, eBooks and slideshows. In other words, they need photos and for this purpose, they turn to stock photos most of time. Primarily, they buy photos for protection against copyright claims. While you can get images for free, but buying them is a lot better. Given below are 7 reasons for buying stock photos.

1.) Time

The beauty of stock photography is that they are ready to download at all times. You just have to follow two steps to download the image you need. So, if you are in need of travel photos, for instance, you can look for them on these sites without any problem. This way you can save a lot of time.

2.) Selection

If you look at one of the best stock photo sites, you will find millions of pictures and images for immediate download. There is no doubt that you can’t find such a huge collection of photographs anywhere else. These sites feature an incredibly powerful search engine that helps you look for the images you need. So, the selection process is very easy.

3.) Licenses

Based on your project, you need a specific type of photographs. So, if you have access to a variety of licenses, you can get the right type of protection for your project. As a matter of fact, each image or photo that you want to download comes with a standard license, which gives you protection.

4.) Releases

If you are in need of some property photos, you can head to stock agencies. The photos on these sites come with model and property releases. In case you don’t know, a release is a type of legal agreement from the owners of the property. This agreement states that the images can be used for general purposes.

5.) Membership Benefits

It’s a good idea to sign up for a free-of-charge membership with a good stock photo agency. Often, these agencies send free photos and newsletters that you can use for free. For instance, top stock agencies of today offer free photos on a weekly basis.

6.) Photographers and Designers

A stock agency has lots of designers and photographers. These professionals work hard to keep the database updated with new collections. If you join a few agencies, you can benefit from the latest photos contributed by these professionals.

7.) Buying options

As far as buying goes, every seller has different structures and licenses. Some agencies offer cheap subscriptions, while others offer inexpensive licensing options. As soon as you have develop a know-how of each of the agencies, you can make use of your memberships to get the most out of the cheap options that they offer.

So, these are a few benefits that you can enjoy if you sign up with one of the best stock photo sites. Once you have become an advanced user, you will know that buying from these sites is a great way of supporting your site or blog. Hopefully, you will consider this option rather than taking photos from Google and risking the future of your site or blog.