Digital Photographers Sell Stock Photos Online to Make Ends Meet

Digital cameras have become the modern aged tool which has turned hobbyists into professionals with the click of a button. No longer are we dependent on film and photo processing. With digital technology we have the leisure of in-built memory cards, batteries and accessories that allow us to capture incredible photos with instant gratification. With a simple click of the shutter you can create a viable income which was impossible a few years ago. If you are interested in turning your photography hobby into a viable income here are some tips on how you can easily make around $200 – $2000 weekly from your digital photographs.

Please understand, you do not need to be a professional photographer to sell stock photos. However, you must be able to produce creative, quality photos that you can market to online consumers. Look for places where you can take photos of people who will be willing to purchase your work. Functions such as parades, concerts, tourist attractions etc. are swarming with people who might be willing to pay for their photos to be taken. Always carry business cards with you in order to get your name out there and market yourself. Once you have taken the photo upload it to a photo sharing site where people can view and purchase your work.

Another opportunity is to sell stock photos to online postcard and greeting cards sites. Since the trend has moved away from paper cards to electronic cards this business has boomed. Popular occasions such as Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, name christening, etc. always need photos to accompany them. To get started in this business is difficult however if you have a creative approach to the occasion you will definitely get your photos noticed. Once you have been accepted into this field you will have more work than you can handle.

Take advantage of today’s busy schedules. Software such as Microsoft PowerPoint will help you create slideshows of your work which can add to the specialty of the occasion. Consider those business who use powerpoint presentations on a regular basis. Approach them with your portfolio containing your sample work and business card.

Stock photography is another option for marketing your work. Photographs about peoples, household items, events, unique gestures, nature etc are purchased by consumers worldwide. Typical consumers include advertisers, web designers etc who pay to download photos that will help them market their product. If your photos are chosen you receive a commission.

Further opportunities include car dealers, salon owners, insurance companies, property dealers, etc. who often require freelance photographers for taking pictures. Show them your portfolio and let them know how you can increase their business through your photographs.

The key to success is creativity and quality. Use your skills and dedication to your advantage to create an incredible income…