An Introduction to the Stock Photo Website

There is a market for pictures of anything and everything. Even simple pictures of pens, for example, will be useful for someone who is selling that particular type of product. Television sets are big on the internet and require pictures so that the customer can see what is being offered like, for instance, on eBay. Interesting pictures of all kinds of scenes are needed for websites and are popular on stock photo websites, which leads me to the current topic of this article, the stock photo websites.

A simple search will turn up several different stock photo websites to whom you can submit your photographs. A few will be listed here that are popular. Stock and Prints is one website. This stock photo website will give you your own website from which to sell your photographs. There is a monthly rate as well as a yearly rate, whichever is best for you. Crestock, a stock photo website, gives you a 30% commission for each download of your photograph. iStockPhoto offers commission rates from 20%-40% and offers free sign up. Finally, Dreams Time has rates that range from 50%-80% in commissions. Commission rates vary quite a bit, but one site may be more suited to your needs than another, so it is worth visiting each site and reading everything you can find about them because there may be other reasons you may want to apply for one of these websites other than just the commission rates.

There is also the option of selling photos online to celebrity magazines like the ones you see at check stands in grocery stores. You may have heard about the Paparazzi who sell pictures they are fortunate enough to get of celebrities when they are, for instance, on the beach. They sell their pictures for a lot of money to magazines such as People. It is possible for you to do this online. One such site is called The Snitcher Desk. When you upload a picture with this website they make sure that you are paid. Visit the site and find out how. If you are in a position to be able to take photographs of famous people, this last site may be an option for you. If not, there are plenty of other choices for you and plenty of stock photo websites on the World Wide Web.

The stock photo website is one idea which you can pursue when considering selling photos online. There are so many choices for a photographer in this arena and with just a little effort in searching for a few stock photo websites and submitting to the ones listed in this article, you should be able to develop a tidy income on the side with your photography.